Преимущества и особенности работы PM casino

Help for players

PariMatch is one of the best places for gambling lovers. We provide timely and effective customer support for our clients.

Customer Support

Customer support on the PariMatch site, much to the regret of most gamers, works from morning to evening, but not around the clock. Support managers work hours from eight in the morning to ten in the evening. So if you prefer to play exclusively at night, then the answers to your questions will have to wait until the beginning of the working day.

But the system takes care of night players and offers a ready service with already written answers to the most popular questions. If yours turns out to be that, then you’re lucky. But if you still wait until the morning when customer support begins to work, as usual, you can communicate with extremely polite and competent managers who know their business and give the most complete and detailed answers to your questions.

Преимущества и особенности работы PM casino

Personal data is put under protection, and will not be advertised anywhere. This information is slightly departing from the truth, as it is worth carefully, and preferably more than once, re-read the user agreement, as the topic of data processing opens. There will be a privacy clause stating that in addition to the online casino’s employees, the data will be processed by the company’s partners and affiliates. And these are the ones who can be expected to take actions that no one will guarantee. This is a problem for those who are not allowed to find themselves somewhere outside of the games. Personal information includes name, contact phone number, personal address, and e-mail address. This category will also include all the data that the user gives to the support manager when submitting a written request.

After registering at PariMatch, the player can’t challenge the user agreement in any way, as the registration involves an automatic voluntary consent. Therefore, it is recommended not to neglect reading it and do it very carefully.
The only thing you should really praise the developers, so for the reliable system of protection of the financial side of the game. More specifically, for the deposit and withdrawal of user funds. Such operations will be encrypted and will not get outside the system of the online casino.